New Map Highlights Added

Welcome back explorers! It's me again, Bim. In my most recent expeditions I have cataloged four new map highlights! Learn some history of the dwarven clans with the locations of the Mougin City of Splendor and the Kretin fortress of Rolwel. Also, take a look at the mysterious Lageriat swamps and the mystical Pool of Bethiden. As always enjoy your travels and feel free to contact me with any specific questions about map locations. Sincerely, Bim Bitibinksky More news to come as new developments are made! #bimsjournal

The Gauvin and the Gauvnot

The Gauvin and the Gauvnot As the moon waned and vanished from the night sky a cry rose in the marshes. Lights flickered inside the small mushroom houses of the pixy and leprechauns. The leprechaun men and their pixy wives raced to the center of the bog where a giant lilypad floated. There before them stood the young ones who had yet to be placed in an occupation. At the end of each month all the “upcomers” of the young ones would hold a talent show to display their skills in the field of their chosen trade. They would be judged, scored, and placed in a job opening suitable to their potential. It was the highlight of a young ones life! With this ceremony they passed into adulthood and were e

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