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The Varsian Kingdom Series: Darkfire (Book 4)

Join the most epic battle of all, in the fourth and final book of The Varsian Kingdom Series! Meet a mysterious hero of the past, span two realms, and travel with the greatest army Varsia has ever seen as they seek to end the evil reign of Azrael. 
Darkfire is an epic tale of war, loss, and adventure! Explore the Forest of Eternal Night, visit Dragonhead Isle, and face the most deadly villain the world has ever known.
Many will not leave this encountered unchanged. 
Join the heroes and heroines of Varsia and Miytelica as they seek the mysterious hero of old. The one prophesied to destroy evil once and for all.

Release date: April 28th 2019

Available Now On:
Click HERE for an excerpt from Darkfire!
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