The History of the World

History of the World: The Varsian Kingdom Varsia and Varsa For eternity there was One called, Talviaol, by the tongues of all. His name is universal to all languages and through all ages.

Before the age of time Talviaol opened his clenched hands and spoke with his mouth, releasing sparkling orbs of light. Three orbs were released in the vast expanse below the dwelling place of Talviaol. From Talviaol’s right hand came the orb named Nethium, and to him was given a fiery red light. From Talviaol’s left hand came the orb named Zurisha and to her was given a sulfur yellow light. The third orb proceeded from the mouth of Talviaol and was named Gemal. To Gemal was given a hyacinth blue light. Talviaol saw the orbs and was pleased, naming them Varsia. To each Varsia He gave dominion over elements of the earth that was to be. Talviaol created the earth and its powers, giving command of its elements to Nethium, the fiery red orb of his right hand. To Zurisha, the sulfur yellow light of his left hand, He gave dominion over all unseen forces such as wind, light, and life. Gemal, the hyacinth blue light that proceeded from the mouth of Talviaol , was given charge over all knowledge and wisdom contained within the earth which was named Varsia after its three sentinels. With their new powers the Varsia created the lesser guardians of the earth, Varsa. As the three orbs dashed through the world sparkling dust fell from their dissipating light trails. Every spec of dust was bent to their will to form the Varsa. Nethium created the Nethunim, Varsa of the earth and its elements. Zurisha created the Zurishaddai, Varsa of the unseen forces of the earth such as wind and light. Gemal created the Gemalli, Varsa of knowledge and wisdom. As Talviaol instructed them, the Varsia and their Varsa helpers flew over and through the land, dropping and creating with their trails of sparkling dust that lingered behind them, doing the will of their Creator.

Once the surface of the earth was fashioned with all its things of nature Nethium began to grow proud of his works and desired to rule the world above his fellow Varsia. Despite his ill desires Nethium held his peace, but his desires filtered through into a forbidden creation. As Nethium pondered his tangled desires, alone in the dark, a few flakes of sparkling dust fell from his red light. These grains, through his desires, forged another Varsa named Azrael. Azrael was created for one purpose, to be ruler over all Varsa. The other Varsa and Varsia, however, did not accept him as ruler but reported him to Talviaol. “I have known your creation before its conception,” Talviaol told Nethium. “And as you, in your imperfection, have created Azrael whom I forbade so I have created, in my perfection, an adversary for him. Mickiel is his name and the two will strive against one another from now until the end of time.” After being rebuked by Talviaol it grieved Nethium for what he had done. Azrael also outwardly repented for his existence but his wicked nature he hid inside himself and pondered how he may attain the position for which he had been created, King of the Varsa. As time went on Azrael persuaded many of the Varsa to embrace him as their king, but within Azrael’s mind lay an even greater abomination, for he sought to gain power and overthrow the very throne of Talviaol himself. With such thoughts running through his head and through the minds of his minions a new race of Varsa was born, the dark Varsa.

After these things abundant life was created on the earth. All manner of life was created by Talviaol. The Varsia and Varsa chose for themselves a kingdom on the earth where they could live among Talviaol’s creations, for the Varsia loved the nature Talviaol had instructed them to build. They sought to teach the races of the world how to care for Varsia and its things of nature. But Azrael and the other dark Varsa strived against such teachings and sought to corrupt all life and nature for their own selfish purposes. The Varsia roamed across the kingdom they had chosen for themselves, naming the lands and choosing their settlements. And there was no need of the sun or moon in those days, for the light of the Varsia themselves shone forth to brighten the land. Nethium and the Nethunim settled foremost in the southern regions and there was a fiery red light in all the land during the day and dim darkness at night. As time went on many of the Nethunim began to yearn for other lands. They roamed the Varsian Kingdom, settling in the forests and under the earth in caves. Zurisha and her Zurishaddai settled in the central plains of the kingdom and she named them the Sarengedeeze plains. Throughout all the land her Sulfur yellow light shone to brighten the day and dimmed at night. Gemal and the Gemalli settled at the top of the region, naming the land Sanhadree. Sanhadree shone with a hyacinth blue light during the day and dimmed for the night. It was there that Gemal and his Varsa taught wisdom to all who wished to live in their domain. Of all the lands in the Varsian kingdom, Sanhadree was the fairest. Lush plains, scattered forests, crystal streams and fair weather were ever present in Sanhadree. As the kingdoms and the people grew, many races settled across the map. Many humans, fairies, nymphs, and other noble creatures settled in Sanhadree with the Gemalli. Chief among these were the humans for they sought more than any race to expand the mind. The wisest and fairest race, the elves, however, stayed isolated from other races because through their superiority, that was given as a tool to aid the lesser races, Azrael had caused them to become haughty and arrogant. The grandest race of all, below the elves only in beauty, were the Centaurs. They settled in the lowest region of the Varsian Kingdom, upon the southern boarder. The Centaurs were wise and sought a name for their realm from the Varsia, thus Nethium who dwelt in the lands close by named it the Traylin Realm. The Centaurs grew in wisdom and might, making many trips to visit the Varsia and the lesser protectors, the Varsa. So much was their pursuit for betterment that they had very little dealings with the outside world. Other races such as the minotaurs, dwarves, and other such groups roamed the land freely, often dealing with other races. The minotaurs lived nomadic lives, entangled in the excitement of constant exploration and endeavors. Because of this desire in their nature they later became a race to be feared and a chief instrument in Azrael’s bid for power over the land. The dwarves also were corrupted through a twisting of their love for beauty and precious things. Before Azrael corrupted them, however, they were a kind and gentle people who lived in clans and loved the other races. They had much delight in physical contests and games, thus were twisted by Azrael towards war, riches, and plunder. Despite Azrael’s twisting, the dwarves were turned back to Talviaol. One of the Varsa, Taylein by name, who loved the dwarves more than any other race left his home to dwell among them. By his careful guidance the dwarves were pulled back to Talviaol’s will. Though Taylein was never able to remove their love for riches and battle he managed to twist their inner being again, modifying the corrupt nature that Azrael had given them so it could be used for good.

Before the days of the corruption, when the dwarves and minotaurs were tainted by Azrael, the Varsia ruled the kingdom in peace and all races gathered there. During this time of peace Gemal and Zurisha were wed, joining their neighboring kingdoms. It was after this that many of the Varsa also began to marry, blurring the lines between Nethunim, Zurishaddai, and Gemalli. Before long the separate factions of lesser protectors were mingled into one incoherent group. It happened that all children of the Varsa were born with abilities regarding either earth, sky, water, or light. Seeing this the Varsia set up four new groups of Varsa. There are five distinct groups of Varsa. Earth Varsa are the guardians of the land, trees, plants, and the beasts of the earth. Water Varsa are guardians of the waters and its inhabitants. Air Varsa are guardians of the air, weather, and the creatures of flight. Light Varsa are guardians of the races, watching over the affairs of mortals and the lights of the heavens. The fifth group are dark Varsa, who roam the earth seeking self enrichment. The dark Varsa are merely those who have abandon their role in life as protectors and now seek their own gain. Dark Varsa may come from any one of the other four groups. The immortality of the Varsa allows them to live forever unless killed while meddling in the affairs of men, whether the meddling is necessary or not is irrelevant. Set above the Earth Varsa is Mendow, the strongest and most mightiest of all Varsa. Mendow is ultimately in charge off all that him and his people do when meddling in earthly affairs. Shasia is leader of the Light Varsa and eldest daughter of Gemal and Zurisha. Though her parents were Varsia her powers were limited to that of an original Varsa. She has often appeared to the races of Varsia in their darkest hours to aid and advise. Her and her people keep careful watch over the races. As Shasia grew in wisdom all Varsa and mortals revered her with great reverence. It was Shaisa, sister of Shasia, who was sought after most, however. Azrael himself sought after her, for she was fairer even than the elves. Her beauty was immortalized in verse and song. As leader of the water Varsa, Shaisa and her people watch over and tend closely the needs of the water and its inhabitants. Arktron, leader of the air Varsa, lives with his people high in the heavens, flying the skies and watching over weather and all flying beasts. Arktron, known for his temper, is said to be the source of most, if not all, storms and turbulent weather. Despite his disposition he is a fervent and loyal follower of Talviaol his God. The dark Varsa have no official leader, no authority. They have abandoned the traditional ways and sought self gain rather than doing their eternal jobs. However, Azrael is regarded as the most powerful of all dark Varsa and holds a dominant place among them all.

As the Varsa married and had children the races of the earth looked on and desired such as well, seeing the joy it brought their protectors. Up to this point all life was constant, sustained by the ever-present Varsia. Child-bearing was not a part of marriage and was not yet a thing known to them. Neither did the trees of the earth or plants of the plains produce seed or sprout new growths for all was sustained and never diminishing. The Varsia, hearing the cry of the races, asked council of Talviaol and received word that they should withhold such things from the races. The Varsa, however, being among the races daily and loving them deeply had pity on them. Seeking to do a good thing they granted the wish of the races, and many families began to grow on the earth. Mendow, then looked at the trees and plants of the field and reasoned in his heart that these things also should have a source of replenishment incase ever they should falter in life. He feared the growing number in the races would diminish the natural things of the earth. Mendow went out from his home and walked among all the plants of the earth, touching their leaves and imparting to each a seed of life. From that day on when a leaf fell from a plant it would spring up into a new plant, and the leaves were the seed of that parent plant. When the Varsia heard about the things that were done they trembled, saying “What shall we tell Talviaol?” In that very hour Mickiel strived with Azrael over the matter, for Azrael loved the decision of the other Varsa and sought to make it irreversible. Mickiel, however knew the will of Talviaol and attempted to undo the mistake of his fellow Varsa. Another Varsa, named Gabriel, also aided him in his contest against Azrael. Azrael’s hate was strong, though, and both Mickiel and Gabriel were pushed back away from the races of the earth. When the Varsia heard of the struggle between Gabriel, Mickiel, and Azrael they hastened to intervene and hoped to prevail against Azrael. When they arrived Azrael fled into his dark confines that he had carved for himself in the heart of the earth, but the damage was already done. To undo the gift the Varsa had given to the races would kill all life that had accepted that gift. In that hour Talviaol came down and rebuked the Varsa himself for their disobedience, but he praised Mickiel and Gabriel for their steadfast resolve and appointed them mediators between him and the other Varsa. He told the Varsa that he would not undo their mistakes, but it would remain forever until the end of days as a reminder for them that they should never again go against his will. However, for the sake of the races, he would make their children a blessing to them, because he loved his creation.

At this time Azrael saw Talviaol out of his heavenly realm and said in his heart, “Now is my time to strike.” so he gathered all his minions and headed for the home of Talviaol. Mickiel, who was appointed to strive with Azrael, was then sent by Talviaol and given a host of war Varsa. Mickiel and his forces won a decisive victory and cast Azrael down to earth, banishing him from the upper kingdoms forever. So it is that Azrael roams the earth and seeks those he can devour. It is said that in the beginning of creation the earth was perfect, without flaw. The lands were flat and fruitful, overgrown with useful plants and tall fruit trees of all kinds. The ocean was gathered together in a single place where the water creatures lived a peaceful abundant life. The gift of children, however, brought with it many curses. From that day forward all who bore children would experience great pain. Those who once would live indefinitely now had limited lives. Parents would grow old and die, leaving their children to fill their places in life. Azrael also used this gift for his own purposes, bringing an even greater curse on the world. Gathering all dark Varsa who would follow him, Azrael began manifesting himself to the races and portraying himself as a god. Many from all races followed him and many of the dark Varsa also came down among his mortal followers. Although Mickiel, by Talviaol’s command, put an end to Azrael’s meddling, once again, the damage was already done in a short twenty years. Many large groups from every race now held a false religion and followed the precepts that Azrael had laid down, but adding their own twists and turns. During Azrael’s cult formation on the earth many of the dark Varsa inter-married with their mortal followers. This caused the children to have limited abilities over the elements of their parent Varsa. Because of their strange powers the children were shunned and exiled from the rest of society and traveled away in groups, fully rejecting Azrael’s teachings because of the tumult it had already caused. The children formed clans according to their gifts, earth with earth, water with water, air with air, light with light. The shunned children clans of the dark Varsa became known as Kanji. Each element of the parents was reproduced in the offspring of the Kanji children. The Kanji clans were predominantly nomads, few settling anywhere permanently. The first known location of Kanji settling was west of the Eindor Mountains after the great scarring and was established by an earth clan in 2311 AC (After Creation). The Kanji had little trouble building what is now regarded as the greatest fortress in all Varsia, their abilities making the construction quick and simple. A few years later water clans began settling down near water sources, air clans taking refuge high in the mountains, and light clans settling on the open plains. Most Kanji clans who settled chose unpopulated regions. Many of the Kanji still travel around in clans, groups, or even as individuals. Their nomadic lives consist of little interaction with other races.

An even greater curse emerged from the shadows of Azrael’s work on earth. Those offspring of the dark Varsa that did embrace the ways of Azrael turned into twisted and evil creatures known today as goblins. The goblins are the foulest of creatures and have no other purpose but to serve Azrael. Their offspring are doomed from birth to serve their false god or be eaten by their parents if they reject. The goblins, however, were created in the dark of Azrael’s shadow and hated the light of the three Varsia. They dwelt far away from the three regions and dug into the ground where no light could pierce their confines. Hearing of the goblins Mickiel and Gabriel came down and took away their Kanji powers to assure Azrael could not use them to rule the world. They were a small and spindly people, sunk in at the ribs and hunched over at the back. Without their powers they could not make war against any race. As time went on, because of the remnant of Azrael’s cult and the work of him and his minions, the people of Varsia began to stray from the path Talviaol had set before them. The Varsia held their peace, teaching and rebuking the people, but as the races grew farther and farther away from the laws of Talviaol the Varsa grew increasingly angry with them. Shasia warned the races many times with little effect. About 2,000 AC. at a council of the Varsa it was determined that they would use their powers to pass judgment and the earth would be overturned. Talviaol instructed them to judge the races according to their obedience and leave none untouched save those who still followed his will, for the wickedness of the people had stretched to the heavens above. Aide, one human who still followed the ways of Talviaol was completely spared, him and his family. The Varsia sent fire to write on his wall, warnings of the things to come. Mendow calmly created a group of fertile mountains abounding with all good plants for him and his family. Aide and his wife, there sons and daughters, as well as the family of each son and each daughter, eventually grew into a large community and created the city of Shangri-La. Hidden away from the world Shangri-La is said to be a paradise as the earth was before the scarring. And so it was that the first mountain was raised up on the earth. After providing for the one group of people who fully followed the laws of Talviaol the Varsa then turned their attention to the punishment of all other life on the earth. Each individual to be punished rightly according to their crimes. The Varsa, however, loved the people and dismayed that they should end so many lives. They petitioned to Talviaol and in his grace he granted them permission to offer partial pardons to those they presumed would repent. Mendow used his powers and violently rose mountains and hills from the depths of the earth. He caused thorns, and all manner of detestable plants to inhabit the earth and infest the once productive areas. He also caused many creatures, once docile, to become aggressive and deadly. Shaisa erupted the waters, spewing them forth from the depths and carving gorges and rivers in the face of the earth. The scars remained as pieces of land slid into the ocean and covered the once crystal floor in mud. The clean and crystal clear waters then turned murky and dark. Lakes, seas, and ponds of water lingered from the great eruption. Shaisa also troubled the water people with predatory water creatures. Arktron used his power of weather and cursed the land, promising storms of all kinds would forevermore plague the people of earth. He also set in the sky a multitude of predators, and created Wyverns to haunt the people. Shasia used her power to curse man, promising war among nations, sickness, disease, and cold winters that would claim life from the week and elderly. The great scarring of the earth that was brought by the Varsa was so severe that after the fact they looked upon the earth and were sorrowed by their acts. They saw the destruction they had caused and regretted their actions. In a petition to Talviaol the Varsa pleaded with him to grant them permission to undo the damage but he refused. Mickiel informed them that the acts they had done were necessary to save the earth and its good inhabitants from evils far greater then their judgment. As further punishment for the races the Varsia created for themselves a world above the world and below the heavens so as it was off the earth yet below on the earth. It was then ruled that the Varsia would withdraw their light from the earth and leave it in darkness, living in the land above they had created. The Varsa also, who loved the races of earth and the things of earth, were forbidden to anymore live among mortals but were forced to live with the Varsia above.

To help the races of the earth Talviaol instructed Mickiel to create two new orbs with no life of their own to replace the departed light of Nethium, Zurisha and Gemal. The two orbs would divide the skies above the earth and below the realm of the Varsia. The greater light was to rule the day and was named the sun. The lesser light was to rule the night and was named the moon. Ever since the great scarring of the earth a rumor has spread through the races of a blessing sent by Mickiel. It is said that, on rare occasions, one can hear the moon singing at night and if they do they may make one wish and if it was not intended to harm another, accomplish evil, escape your own death, or alter the mind of another man, it would be granted. So long as it was used for good. After the Great Scarring Shasia remembered the works that Azrael had written in the dark before the time of the moon. She looked at the night and the works that had been done in the darkness. Fearing that others, too, would take refuge in its secrecy she called upon the griffins of the land and sent them to the moon. The griffins plucked from the moon, its shining surface, and scattered it throughout space. After the sky was full Shasia blessed the moon rocks and they became distant stars, aiding the moon in its task to light the night. The races looked up and marveled at the new night lights and began to chart them in all manners of distance and movement. In the darkness the lights shone as a sign for the races, re-telling the tails of history that the griffins had written in the sky through the inspiration of Talviaol.

Talviaol also sent a protector, whom the people called the "specter" to defend the races in times of great need. One specter is born in every generation, when the living specter grows old or dies then the next will be born. Each specter is divinely destined to do great things for the world. They are given abilities, some times extraordinary, some times ordinary. Each specter has the abilities he or she will need to complete their task. The first specter