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The Future of The Varsian Kingdom

Update from 2/22/2018

The Future of The Varsian Kingdom

Though it is still in the first draft, writing on book three of the Varsian Kingdom Series is now complete! The Varsian Kingdom Series: Liberation of Sephiera, is now entering the re-write and editing stage. Keep an eye out here and on the features page to keep up with the development!

Other news for book two, the cover is set to be finished sometime in the next several weeks. So, if all goes well, we should have the cover reveal for the Night Whisperer and the Silver Trixter, in the near future!

We have also added our package deals to the Shop page. Check out the packages or click HERE to see what we are offering. Use the contact page on this website to place orders, or just click HERE and shoot us an e-mail. Each order comes with a complimentary map poster of the Varsian Kingdom!


Bim Bitibinksky

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