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Welcome to the Chronicles of Continuity!

Greetings, travelers and welcome!

I am the head caretaker here at the chronicle building.


     As you may already know, the first specter, Galen, was a student of the Varsia Gemal, who led him in the construction of his legacy, the Chronicles of Continuity. The Chronicle building is located in Galen’s Grove and is the largest collection of wisdom and knowledge in the world.

     The building stretches far into the sky and far below the earth. Though the walls and shelves are still not full, the other caretakers and I are constantly gathering knowledge to fill the empty space.


I hope to be making more Varsian literature available to you very soon. For now feel free to view what books we have stocked on the shelves!


My personal recommendation is to start out with the "History of the World." Enjoy!

The Book Shelves

Arise to Fall anchor
History of the World anchor
Poems of Varsian Lore Anchor
Polished Stones
The Gauvina and the Gauvnot anchor
Night Whisperer/Chronicle building
Liberation of Sephiera (Library)
Darkfire (Library)
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