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Welcome to our featured projects page. Here you will find all the latest projects that Jason P. Hein is working on. 


Release date: 10/28/2020

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A Varsian Kingdom Adventure:

The Axion

Ancient legends from the afterlife speak of an orb with great power, its pieces scattered across a dozen realms.


When three explorers set out to recover the fabled Axion orb and the staff that houses it, they find themselves caught in a race against time. 


The Kingdom of Duality is dying... and only the power of the Axion can save it.

Join Leila, Roldin and Malock in an  all new Varsian Kingdom Adventure, The Axion!


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Arise to Fall

The revised cover for Book 1 of The Varsian Kingdom Series is live on Amazon!


Sarah Brands has also completed recording on the audio, and though it is still waiting to be approved by ACX, it should be close at hand. 



Release date:

Now Live on Amazon!

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Music From Varsia

Music From Varsia has been a working project for years now. I'm excited to announce it is finally LIVE ON AMAZON at last!! 


Click HERE to buy Music from Varsia, or click HERE to listen to all 8 tracks for free on YouTube! While you are there please subscribe, like, and comment! 

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Closely associated with Music from Varsia, is the exciting prequel to The Varsian Kingdom Series, The Legacy of Ravenbane. (Now live on Amazon) 

The song, also titled The Legacy of Ravenbane, is a fun addition of lore and backstory to the main character of this book.

Listen to the CD for free on YouTube, and read the e-book for free with Kindle Unlimited, or only .99 otherwise.