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Enter the exciting world of Varsia with this epic four book fantasy series!

Book 1: Arise to Fall 

Book 2: The Night Whisperer and the Silver Trixter

Book 3: Liberation of Sephiera

Book 4: Darkfire

Arise to Fall Audio Book

Arise to Fall: The Varsian Kingdom Series, Volume 1  Audible Audiobook – Unabridged

Mr. Jason P. Hein (Author), Sarah Brands (Narrator), Jason P. Hein (Publisher)

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The Legacy of Ravenbane, the long awaited prequel to the original saga!

In a timeless age and a once perfect world, corruption has decimated the lands of Varsia. The higher races have abandoned the mortals and left them at the cruel mercy of Azrael, a fallen varsa from the original creation.

When a young man is conceived with a dark omen upon his birth, Azrael thinks him to be the prophecied one to fulfill the unholy Dusk Holder's Prophecies. Instead, this boy proves to be the most formidable enemy the dark varsa has ever met.

With the wisdom of the naiads, the strength of the dragons, and the courage of the highlanders, Ravenbane Darkfire will challenge the world's most evil creation. Azrael, The Evil One.

Tales From Varsia front cover only.png

Tales From Varsia is a collection of short stories and poetry from the Varsian Kingdom. From pixy to leprechauns, to dwarves and elusive rabbits that turn to dust, there is sure to be a story or rhyme for everyone in the family!

Join us on these grand adventures as we explore the lands of Varsia!

Poemsof varsian lore.jpg

Poems of Varsian Lore is a short book of poetic historical accounts from the fantasy world of the Varsian Kingdom.


Each poem starts with an introduction into the lore of the world and flows on with verse and rhyme.

Music FV.jpg

Music From Varsia is a compilation of musical scores created from the fictional world of The Varsian Kingdom, a Medieval Fantasy Book Series by author Jason P. Hein. These songs, by various artists, bring the book world alive with rich culture, lore, and legend. Song writers: Dan Prather, Amelie Perle, and Jason P. Hein Vocalists: Amelie Perle, Angelina Hein, and Jason P. Hein Musicians: Dan Prather, and Amelie Perle, Producer: Dan Prather


Inspired Poetry is a book of poetry written over the course of several months reflecting my internal thoughts and emotions. Each poem is influenced by my environment, life experiences, and my relationship with God. The poetry ranges from inspirational and encouraging to fictional worlds of the imagination, and pictures of everyday life. My hope is that the spiritual message in many of the poems will serve as an encouragement in times of trouble to those who read this book.

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