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Featured Artists

Welcome to Featured Artists! As a self-published author, I know all too well the hardships and trials of self promotion and trying to get my name (and my books) out to an audience. On this page I'll be sharing with you other indie authors who are forging their own way. Check out their websites, books, and content! As always, enjoy!

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Hi there! My name is Michael R Kiel and I am a self-published author. Please consider visiting It is an online literary website which focuses on providing a variety of short, but powerful fictions for your fast paced life! If you enjoy my work, consider following me on Instagram and becoming a full access member or special content subscriber. If you are an author yourself, please consider visiting my website for its helpful and growing list resources as well.


Tiffany Pelletier is a self-published young adult fiction author who found her love for writing while in college, stretching her wings as she dabbled in writing  poetry, short stories, and also blogging. Inevitably she developed a passion for novels with strong female lead characters after reading books and gathering inspiration from authors such as Kristen Britain,  Anne McCaffrey, & Juliet Marillier.

In September 2020, Tiffany self-published her first novel “Alysium” which focuses on a young woman and her life within an underground dystopian society. You can find a preview of Tiffany’s new novel on her website

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Tilly is a part-time published author, full-time mom, and full-time worker. She was born with a birth defect that makes it very hard to express how she feels. With writing, she feels less embarrassed of who she is. That motivated her to pursue her dreams of being an author. She loves writing strong dynamic character and wild action scenes. If if wasn’t for Darren Shan. Author of Cirque Du Freak, for being the reason she loves to write, she’d still have a hard time telling people how she feels. When people say writing is an escape, it’s true!

Visit Tilly online at

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David V. Mammina is a self-published dark fantasy author you should seriously consider checking out. With two epic fantasies, a young adult dark fairytale, and a high octane psychological thriller in his arsenal, Mammina won’t disappoint. Visit his website for more...

tiffany Lafleur Featured Artist.jpg

Tiffany Lafleur always has a story up her sleeve. Her writing is versatile, and she doesn’t let herself be boxed into a single genre or audience. Her debut Young Adult high fantasy novel, The Sapeiro Chronicles: A Forgotten Past was published in June 2020, and she is currently working on a psychological thriller as well as an illustrated children’s book. Since the age of five, she dreamed of becoming an author. Tiffany has used her talent as a storyteller to take readers on magnificent journeys filled with magic, dragons, and all sorts of kooky creatures. It’s not uncommon to find her tapping away at her latest story, surrounded by concept drawings, maps, and character sketches.

Check out her website at

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Adrienne is the author of, "My Life Without You & Mirror Image." She’s  a teacher, and  a mentor to women & young girls. She founded Discovering Beautiful Minds publishing to help other writers go after their dreams to become published authors.


She is an advocate for women equality and supports all women. Her love for reading when she was a young girl, inspired her to become a poet. Her commitment to help young girls and women find their self-worth, and her endeavors to bridge the gap between gender stereotypes is what inspires her to write women's contemporary fiction and realistic fiction.

You can learn more about her at 

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