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Location Highlights and Books up for Sale!!

Hey there! I just got some quick location highlights up for you to look at in the explore section. I hope you enjoy them.

I was in a big hurry to get the rest of the site in working order so I did not take much time to record many details.

A full list of edits is as follows:

  1. Updated Welcome Page (as I am sure you saw on your way in)

  2. Added Feature item listing for Book 1

  3. Added a Store listing for Book 1 (pre release)

  4. Added feature item listing for Poems of Varsian Lore

  5. Added a Store listing for Poems of Varsian Lore

  6. Added a feature listing for The Night Whisperer and the Silver Trixter (Book 2)

  7. Moved social account links to bio page and contact page from welcome page

  8. Added links from the welcome page news items to many of the new edits

  9. Added a link system for intera-site linking to page sections

  10. Finished Author Bio

  11. Finished Contact Form

I hope you will actually use our contact form to let us know how you like the site!


Bim Bitibinksky

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