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     The name's Bim, Bim Bitibinksky, I will be your guide as you explore the Varsian Kingdom. The Varsian Kingdom is a medieval fantasy realm created by the author, Jason P. Hein. 
     For starters, check out our creator's Bio, or our featured projects page. There are books of lore and other ventures that he is working on. Also feel free to explore the lands of Varsia and dig into the rich lore. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at any time.
      Bim Bitibinksky

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Updated 2/20/2021

Just wanted to update the site and let everyone know that my writing has been very slow lately. Life has been throwing me a few curve balls and my creativity has been in a slump.

My current projects are still ongoing, but slow-going.

I'll try and keep updating here periodically.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who supports my writing! I really do appreciate it more than words can say.

The Manor
The Kings Fortress
Sanhadree Highlands
Sarengedeeze Plains
The Great Wall

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