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     The name's Bim, Bim Bitibinksky, I will be your guide as you explore the Varsian Kingdom. The Varsian Kingdom is a medieval fantasy realm created by the author, Jason P. Hein. 
     For starters, check out our creator's Bio, or our featured projects page. There are books of lore and other ventures that he is working on. Also feel free to explore the lands of Varsia and dig into the rich lore. If you have any questions or comments please contact us at any time.
      Bim Bitibinksky
The Manor
The Kings Fortress
Sanhadree Highlands
Sarengedeeze Plains
The Great Wall


 The Axion




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Ancient legends from the afterlife speak of an artifact with great power, its pieces scattered across a dozen realms. When three explorers set out to recover the fabled Axion orb and the staff that houses it, they find themselves caught in a race against time. 

The Kingdom of Duality is dying... and only the power of the Axion can save it.

Brave the perils of foreign realms, cross the uncrossable desert, and find out if the Phoenix Champion, a Dwarf, and a Wyvern have what it takes to save the Kingdom of Duality.


An all new Varsian Kingdom Adventure, The Axion!

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