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Cover Art for The Axion

Website Update from 10/14/2020

The Axion is a stand alone novel set in The Varsian Kingdom! Check out the blurb and cover art below, and keep checking back for updates on the cover reveal, release date, and some really exciting giveaways!

Ancient legends from the afterlife speak of an artifact with great power, its pieces scattered across a dozen realms. When three explorers set out to recover the fabled Axion orb and the staff that houses it, they find themselves caught in a race against time.

The Kingdom of Duality is dying... and only the power of the Axion can save it.

Brave the perils of foreign realms, cross the uncrossable desert, and find out if the Phoenix Champion, a Dwarf, and a Wyvern have what it takes to save the Kingdom of Duality.

An all new Varsian Kingdom Adventure, The Axion!


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