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New Cover Art for Arise To Fall

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm still working on quite a few projects, but thankfully several of them look like they are finally coming to a close. The new cover art for book 1 of The Varsian Kingdom Series, Arise to Fall, is completed and live on Amazon! You can grab a copy of the book (or just admire the artwork 😉) by clicking HERE. Your support means the world to me, and is truly appreciated!

The audio book version of Arise to Fall is still waiting on the publisher to approve the audio. So I'm sitting and twiddling my thumbs on that one. Perhaps twiddling them on my keyboard during endless edits, but twiddling nonetheless.

On other notes, my latest instalment in the Varsian Kingdom, a stand alone novel titled The Axion, is almost ready to publish! I'm shooting for a November timeframe. (Yes, the entire month... it gives me wiggle room. 😁) If you didn't notice it on your way in, scroll to the bottom of my homepage to check out the awesome artwork for The Axion! Two more announcements are waiting in the wings, also. However, those projects will be for a later time! Keep checking back!


Jason ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update archived from 9/1/2020

The updated cover art for book 1, Arise to Fall, is ready at last! The new cover is complete and live on Amazon! Check it out by clicking HERE!

Thanks, as always, to Susana Conde for lending her talent to The Varsian Kingdom!

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