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Poems of Varsian Lore Up for Sale Now! We now have, Poems of Varsian Lore: Chronicles of the Varsian Kingdom, up for sale! New Map Loacation Highlights Added! Check out the newest location highlights in the scrolling slide show above, or click here to view more details in the explore section! Book 2 of the Varsian Kingdom Series Announced!! It is official! Jason P Hein is starting work on Book 2 of the series. He is hoping to have it done as soon as possible. Still no expected release date, though. Book 1 of the Varsian Kingdom Series Book 1 is currently in the final stages of preparation for release! For more info on the book or to read a short excerpt Click Here! #bimsjournal

The Varsian Kingdom Series: Arise to Fall

Arise to Fall is the story of Varsia's sixth specter. STORY EXCERPTS #1 Leila made her way to the south side of town, passing by the unlit windows of the small shacks that belonged to the other local inhabitants. The smell of smoke lingered strong in the air, as she made her way down the hill to the small lake that was cradled in the meadow below. She walked over to the edge and looked at her reflection. Her dark red hair was tangled and scraggly, her naturally tanned complexion blotched with mud. The stars and moon sprinkled the surface of the lake with an occasional glistening reflection, as they slipped their rays through the cloud cover above. Leila reached down and stuck her ha

Poems of Varsian Lore

Poems of Varsian Lore a short book of poetic historical accounts from the fantasy world of the Varsian Kingdom. Each poem starts with an introduction into the lore of the world and flows on with verse and rhyme. This assortment of Varsian poetry was compiled by an unknown writer and historian of the Varsian Kingdom. In this book you will find poetry from ages past as well as some more contemporary pieces. Most of the ancient poetry was discovered in archaeological digs. Those poems which were complete and undamaged by the sands of time were added to this short book along with some more well known poetry from the modern age. Copies of this publication can be viewed and acquired from

Introducing the Chronicles of Continuity!

We are now ready to unveil the Chronicles of Continuity! Well, at least the front reading room is open to the public. Soon we hope to be able to give you direct access to all the resources on our vast bookshelves! I also have plans in the works to start adding the exploration system that will enable you to travel the lands of Varsia as you wish. Hopefully we will have that all up and running soon! Sincerely, Bim Bitibinksky #bimsjournal

Location Highlights and Books up for Sale!!

Hey there! I just got some quick location highlights up for you to look at in the explore section. I hope you enjoy them. I was in a big hurry to get the rest of the site in working order so I did not take much time to record many details. A full list of edits is as follows: Updated Welcome Page (as I am sure you saw on your way in) Added Feature item listing for Book 1 Added a Store listing for Book 1 (pre release) Added feature item listing for Poems of Varsian Lore Added a Store listing for Poems of Varsian Lore Added a feature listing for The Night Whisperer and the Silver Trixter (Book 2) Moved social account links to bio page and contact page from welcome page Added links from the welc

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